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Sales Force Automation – (SFA)

Essential for enhancing the performance of your inhouse and field sales teams. However, the real challenge of successful sales management is to keep all members of the company’s team informed and involved in every aspect of the sales cycle.
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Marketing Automation

Plan, and manage all your Campaigns, Research / Questionnaire / Survey (RQS) from one central location. Track response of your Targets, and analyse the data to fine-tune your Sales Strategy..
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Support / Helpdesk

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction and Delight should be the primary business objective. Once a sale is over a constant challenge is it make sure that the customer remains with you. By streamlining you processes could lead to repeat opportunities.
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Point Of Sale – (POS)

With more sales transactions are carried out on smartphone and tablets. This allows sales teams to capture opportunities on the move. This can distinguish you sales approach where you go to the customer and stay a step ahead of the competition.
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Personnel Management

An Organisation’s key resource are it’s personnel. From Recruitment, Employee Development, Welfare are a challenge for most well run organisations. Managing, enhancing and providing benefits to personnel which in turn will of value can be tracked online.
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Payroll Management

Even for the largest organisation, managing and delivering payroll to employees can be fraught with issues. Statutory reports, leave adjustment, additions and deductions can be quite difficult to manage. Processes, starting with integration of Time and Attendance devices through to Payroll generation.
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Accounts and Finance

Integrity of financial transactions are very important for all stakeholders within and beyond the company. Transactions are carried out in other modules ensuring that the least amount of intervention and considerably reducing double entries and opportunities for mistakes to occur.
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Asset Management

Every organisation typically has thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of assets. These assets range from plant equipment to containers, from desktop PCs to field engineers’ tools. The task of managing them and keeping track of their life cycles and depreciation for accounting is simplified.
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Inventory / Warehouse

Tracking and replenishing products that are required for value addition in manufacturing processes or for delivery to the customer in retail or Online shopping can be managed by a multi-layered system of requests. Which include automatic re-ordering to custom requests.
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Purchase Management

Key activities or maintaining a list of Vendors who provide on time delivery products, services and solutions to an organisation at price points making the who value chain profitable, can be just as important as selling Products and Services.
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Production broadly comprises of Discrete or Process manufacturing. However, sometimes it involves both. Planning, scheduling and carrying out actual production can be a challenge especially with limited resources and managing out sourced job work.
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Public Relations Office – (PRO)

An organisation may have to work with several external agencies, such as licensing, personnel travel documents, tax authorities et cetera. All these have be monitored and reminders set so that documentation and renewals are managed well in advance.
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