To automate or not to automate? Management gurus advocate automation, and justify it as a necessary investment. On the other hand, investment on software means a never-ending diversion of additional resources towards networking, infrastructure, upgrades, security, maintenance and training at a very high cost to a organisation’s core business. Most organisations in India face this dilemma. What then is the solution? Should one automate, and endure the constant flux of capital towards IT? Should one not automate, and possibly risk losing out to competitors?

The answer lies in Software As A Service.

With Software Service, organisations can have outsourced access to their mission critical software on a subscription basis. OFSY™ gives you just that. It is web-based, and offers SMEs a multitude of powerful tools. It allows access to all authorised members of an Enterprise. Thus an organisation’s staff, and other external contacts such as Auditors, Vendors, Customers and Consultants will have easy interaction and access to basic and critical information. Fully integrated, OFSY™ has its own Messaging, Accounting, Management and HRD modules. Best of all, it comes in attractive industry-specific, pre-customised packages, so choose the one that suits your business the best.

OFSY Highlights:

* Easy to install with minimal investment on IT infrastructure.
* OFSY when deployed is charged on a per user basis so Pay as you Use. * Communicate easily with contacts internal and external to your organisation.
* Interfaces with external billing and other output devices.
* Free Software updates.