June 22, 2016


No two businesses or organisation are alike Products have to be molded to suit a business requirement and provide a comprehensive solution to personnel in a organisation.

We provide solutions and services under key business functions.

Customer Relationship Management Marketing, Sales, Support are three pillars which form the basis of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Sound Marketing strategies, form the first step in generating opportunites. Effective Sales process close those opportunities, generating revenue. Support provides issue management and customer satisfaction which could lead to more opportunities reduce the overall cost of business aquisition.
Field / Line / Route Sales Mobile sales force, meeting the customer and raising brand awareness – as part of a sound marketing strategy, can garner more sales. This would be an extension of Sales Force Automation.
Distributers Organisations who use a distributor network rather than sell directly to the customer. Who would in turn adopt a Field / Line /Route Sales team
Exporters Documentation is usually the bane of most exporters, especially when terms are payment against documents, as Banks pay on meeting the terms mentioned in the payment instrument such as Letters of Credit rather than the underlying product.
Education Administration System Stake holders at an educational institution must be complaint with all regulations related to Attendance, Examinations, Scoring, Fees, Hostel Management. Parent, students should have controlled access to information to ensure that, their children are benefiting by non-intrusive monitoring activities.
Manufacturing Production broadly comprises of Discrete or Process manufacturing. However, sometimes it involves both. Planning, scheduling and carrying out actual production can be a challenge especially with limited resources and managing out sourced job work.