July 2, 2016

Customer Relationship Management – (CRM)

Generating and retaining Customer are a core focus for any organisation wanting to grow. Tracking Customer behaviour they likes and dislikes can be part of learning experience for sales personnel developing relationships so that further opportunities can be brought to success level.

With in Customer relations there are three key aspect:

Marketing  Generating Opportunities for Sales Teams to pursue and close business. By creating Marketing Surveys, Campaigns, Tracking responses and funneling them to Sales.
Sales Force Automation  Sales Teams and their respective individuals would need to collaborate with domain, functional and external specialists. Processes for different products and services can be tracked to identify bottlenecks in sales pipelines.
Support / Helpdesk  Retaining customers and selling them other products and services, can be more profitable than acquiring more customers. Ensuring that there is customer delight through out the lifetime of the product or service helps to cement a positive relationship with organisation.

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