July 2, 2016

Education Administration System – (EAS)

Communication is the key to learning. You are a premier institution operating in a protechnology world.Implementing effective communication systems is the only way you can continue to be the best, over-ride the competition, and stay ahead.

OFSY for Colleges is a complete Online Office Automation software suite for Educational Institutions operating in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment. It is totally Integrated with its own Messaging,Accounting, Student Record Manager, College Administration, HRD Modules and more. It has a multitude of new features
that will streamline your work processes.

Every Educational Institution is unique in terms of its requirements and priorities. A degree of flexibility is built into this package which allows for easy customisation to suit the unique requirements of your College. OFSY promises to simplify the way students, teachers, staff and management in your College share, access, and analyse.

Try out the latest version of OFSY Mobile, for demonstration and access details, visit OFSY – Knowledge:

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